Susanne Strasser

"Life taught Resilience Coach"

As long as I can remember I was longing for love and freedom because I believed that something was missing here on earth. I felt lost, lonely and sad and created unknowingly and innocently a chronic disease which manifested in my spine. Arthritic pain was my companion for over 25 years and my biggest teacher beside the feeling of sadness/unhappiness.

But there was always the Knowing that I'll find a way to relieve myself from the physical and psychological pain and I found ways. Today I am free, free of suffering, psychological and physiological.

Through my own experience I came to understand what it means to be human; the " Three Principles" discovered by Sydney Banks gave me the bigger picture of myself as a human after I had done " The Work" of Byron Katie intensely. Beside other tools like "EFT", life - training with Eckhart Tolle and Mooji, Satsang in India, my understanding has deepened to the place to admit that I am happy and at peace. This understanding stopped me from being a seeker and made me see the world from my resilience inside.

If you like to face life through your innate resilience I am happy to guide you by Skype (susanne.strasser5) 
or in person please contact me on 0497 551 641
I am fluent in English and German.